mariana costa
“Let's Colour Project/ Dulux” digital concept and strategy

The challenge was to prove Dulux’s brand mission to bring colour to peoples lives.
The solution was the Let’s Colour Project. A global integrated campaign built around digital and social media. The project kicked off in a very simple way: with the
Let's Colour Project Blog. The true heart of the campaign. Content was uploaded in real time to the blog, flickr, youtube, twitter, facebook pages. Minutes later this content was being re-used by blogs and online newspapers all over the globe. The painting events where captured in a 2 minute film. This film premiered on the blog driving thousands of people to our content across all our digital media channels. In two days it became the most tweeted video in the film category. Within 4 weeks we reached over 400 thousand hits with no media investment. Produced by Stink.

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“Friend-o-meter / ORANGE” concept + art direction
I did this project for Orange as a freelance art director at Fallon, London. This website was created to promote the new Motorola Dexter with MOTOBLUR, a special phone software that combines different social media tools. To advertise this new phone at Orange stores we did an online quiz that pulls information from several of the user's social network sites. The player that hits the best score will become the UK's best friend and win this mobile. Produced by Unit9.

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“Dove Facial Test” concept + art direction

To compare the differences between DOVE and other soaps we created a hotsite where you could do a facial test with your own picture. Firstly, you had to upload a picture of your face and then answer 4 quick questions about your routine such as: Do you often go to a swimming pool? Do you live in a big city? Do you use make-up?
Are you exposed to the sun regularly?
After answering these questions different videos were displayed according to your answers. The videos were 3D simulations of sun light exposure, pollution and the long term effects of using make-up and swimming in chlorinated water. The results page then shows your face divided in half, demonstrating what your face would look like if you used DOVE and what it would look like if you used other soaps. Videos produced by Pródigo Studio.




“Ironman hotsite / TELECINE” concept + art direction

This hotsite was designed for Telecine, which is a cable TV channel from Brazil and was intended to promote the IronMan movie. In this hotsite you were able to subscribe your celphone number to receive alerts, with the movie date and time that it would be shown on TV. The main focus of the hotsite was to promote the movie, however the user could also get information about the movie. A "secret question" could be unlocked by the user. To do this, the user simply needed to fight against Stanley, the IronMan enemy, by punching him through the web cam. Punches were measured by a movement sensor flash programme. The best answer to the "secret question" would win a blueray.. Motion graphics done by Natan.

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“Bis chocolates website / KRAFT” concept + art direction + illustration

BIS chocolates are purchased in a box of 20 units and have a reputation for being stolen by anyone that encounters this open box of BIS. This act of unspoken "sharing" is tolerated by Brazilian people. What is not accepted is when someone wishes to eat the whole box of BIS alone. The idea of this website is to show people how to disguise their box of BIS to prevent "thieves" from helping themselves. Every time the user mouses over the BIS box it transforms it into a random paper toy.

There are two more sections in the hotsite. One where the user can download the paper toy models. The other one called Cilada where the user can prepare a trap to catch the BIS thieves. The trap is very simple, the user turns on his web cam and puts the BIS in a visible position. When the thief appears to get the BIS the web cam takes a photo using a movement sensor programme and sends an email to the user with the picture of the thief.

Paper toys were created by Carlo Giovanni, motion design by Fabio Silva and Natan and illustrations also made by
Alexandre Borba and Douglas Kozonoe.



“Get out of here, curious/KRAFT ” concept + art direction

This was a teaser campaign created for BIS chocolates. The idea was to show a variety of different ways people could camouflage themselves while eating BIS to avoid sharing their favourite chocolate with their friends. BIS fans were able to send videos of themselves eating BIS without being noticed and the best video won 365 packs of BIS.

Videos produced by Ioiô films and directed by Vera Egito.




“Orient Precision Challenge” concept + art direction

To advertise the new line of high precision watches by Orient, we created the precision challenge. Are you ready?

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On Mac: If your cam doesn’t start, right-click on ad and select the usb option on properties.



“Dove Everest” concept + art direction

This campaign was created to relaunch the Dove Therapy line. It started with the blog of Paloma. This character
was in a hair crisis and asked for the web users´ help. Following the product campaign this promotion reinforced
the characteristics of this line of hair products. Videos produced by Ioiô films and directed by Mariana Bastos.



“Crazy about Ketchup” concept + art direction

Hellmann's wanted a campaign to remind people how Ketchup could turn good food into yummy food.
We created screensavers and banners that show how a person can be crazy about Hellmann's Ketchup.



“Hellmann' s website/ Unilever” concept + art direction

The idea of this website is to show people that one spoon of Hellmann's mayonnaise has just 40 calories.
We did three short movies with illustrations created by Estudio Alice that aimed to demystify the "junk food image"
of mayonnaise. The website also includes a tool where people can compare the calories between different foods and a spoonful of mayonnaise.



“Old Lady / EMBRATEL” concept + art direction

Embratel is a big telecommunications company in Brazil. To promote "LIVRE", a call package offering a 21 day trial, we created a website with a live broadcast of Mrs. Iolanda, a grouchy 73 year old lady. Users could call her and had 21 seconds to make her smile. Click on thumbs to launch the demo.



“Nextel website/ Nextel Pitch” concept + art direction

This hotsite was proposed to Nextel which is a digital radio telecommunication company aiming to increase their social value.

The idea was to create a social network for the Nextel users where they could exchange personal and business information and get involved in a number of different social and cultural causes. The first cause was related to a famous art museum in São Paulo called MASP. The objective was to create enough interest so that the museum would open its doors to the public for free. The users would have to send a "chirp" to a specific number and this would be shown in an electronic panel placed under the MASP. The panel would be on a countdown and when ONE MILLION chirps were sent the museum would open its doors to the community for free.

See the example by clicking on the image below.



“Gerdau Sweet Dreams” concept + art direction
  Our target group was made up of farmers, animal breeders and rural owners in general. One of the main concerns of someone who breeds animals is to ensure that they are not going to wander off the property. A good fence is crucial for these people to protect their assets. Gerdau's barbed wire offers security and the concept of this piece conveys this. Those who use the product don't need to "count sheep" to be able to sleep. Motion graphics made by Feel.



“Polaroid” concept + art direction
  More than one million of brazilians have Alzheimer disease. This banner was to alert people that treatment starts with information about Alzheimer's.



“Guerrila action for a gay movie festival/ MIX BRASIL” concept
  To promote Festival Mundo Mix, the biggest gay movie festival in Brazil, I suggested a stencil containing the festival’s URL to be placed in all darkroom walls of gay places in São Paulo. This stencil would be made with fluorescent paint
so that the people having fun inside darkrooms could read the URL. We ended up doing something else, but I still like this idea better.


“Motomix tv ad” concept + art direction

  Motomix is a music festival sponsored by Motorola.


“Mentepsicose, 1999” direction + art direction + photography direction




Mentepsicose is an independent video made in 1999 with the solitude of urban night as its theme. Directed and created by myself and Ulisses Wermelinger. Exhibited at: 13th Video Brazil Festival - Festival of Electronic Arts, Brazil - 23rd Tokyo Film Festival, Japan - Pacific Film Archive - California, U.S.A.


“Lykkejœgere” cover design and illustration
  Lykkejœgere is a ficticious collection of short stories about famous people that live in Denmark. Kristina Glaffey describes the characters with an acid humour, full of clichés. The briefing was to create a cliche cover, using pop art
as inspiration.



“Viernes 220” type design

Viernes 220 came out after an amazing walk through Mataderos fair in Buenos Aires in the year 2000.
I saw a nice handwritten board on the corner that inspired me. If you are in Buenos Aires this is a really nice place to visit, just outside of downtown.






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